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No Matter where you are in Los Angeles, we are the carpenters for you, we can build oriental-style buildings, or even Victorian-style, utilizing the most difficult and labor intensive technique of carpentry. Give us the plans and we build it!

The Ultimate PRO can help you with difficult projects. Our carpenters will build frames for round ceilings configurations that makes, the next steps, as dry-walling easy.

Weather you need estimates for a huge project, or just need some carpentry quote for a small projects, or you are looking to have a simple carpentry repair done, our employees are up to the challenge.

We have repaired termite and dry rot damage on wood-framed homes, fences, decks and many other elements of dwellings and business.

We have Framing carpenters, Trim and molding Carpenters, Finish carpenters, Rough Carpenters, Mill-works installers, wood fence installers, siding installers, door and window installers and many other sub specialties that require several different levels of knowledge and carpentry kills.

Save us as favorites, because eventually you will need to find the right fit for your project and we will come in handy, you call us and we send the right carpenter.

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